Our Values

Working Harder and Smarter For You.

  1. Goal-mentality: Knowing the client’s goals and working to achieve those goals in the most cost-effective way. Often, the goal in hiring a lawyer is to win. Winning looks different to different people and businesses. It is always important to know how the client defines success and what the client needs to win.

  1. Integrity: Being honest and ethical while working to achieve the client’s goals. Having candor with the Court and being realistic in discussions with the client on what is ethically achievable in the legal process. Our firm abides by the Texas Lawyer’s Creed, which sets forth that a lawyer shall employ all appropriate means to protect and advance the client's legitimate rights, claims, and objectives.

  1. Compassion: Understanding the client’s mental and emotional state in regard to the dispute and being sensitive to those needs. The dispute they bring to VBPena Law is likely one of the most impactful events in their lives regardless of the amount of dollars in dispute.

  1. Excellence all the time: Consistent excellence in written and verbal advocacy for every hearing, every motion, every meeting, and every trial. The client, court, and adversaries know that VBPena Law brings its “A-game” every, single, time.

  1. Responsiveness: Being responsive means keeping promises. VBPena Law makes it a priority to keep a client in the know by always returning calls and emails and by providing deliverables according to the promised schedule. Our word is our bond.

  1. Creativity: Not all problems have easy answers. To achieve the client’s goals, we often need to think outside the box. A lawsuit is not always the answer, so we evaluate non-traditional remedies and consider battling on multiple fronts. VBPena Law is a legal strategist in addition to advisor and counselor at law.

  1. Intelligence: This involves both book smarts and common sense. Resourcefulness on where to find the answers is necessary, and the ability to simplify difficult concepts is a must.