11/15/2019 - Blayre Speaks at 15th Annual Ultimate Trial Notebook Seminar

On November 15, 2019, Blayre presented at the 15th Annual Ultimate Trial Notebook Seminar, which is one of Austin's premiere continuing education seminars for attorneys. Blayre and her co-panelist, Michael Golden and Drew Harris, spoke on "Demonstratives: Dos, Don'ts and Design." Demonstratives are actual objects, pictures, models and other devices used during trial and hearings to clarify or help explain the facts for a judge or jury. Blayre consistently designs and uses demonstratives in her daily practice.

Hon. Robert Pitman, Leah Bhimani Buratti, and Mark Dietz spoke on "Admission of Evidence: How do I get that tweet admitted."

Hon. Scott Jenkins, Scott Deshazo, Robert Swafford, and Martha Dickie spoke on "Voir Dire: The Unperdictable Jury and What to Do About It."

Todd Smith, Hon. Amy Clark Meachum, and Hon. Mark Lane spoke on "Pre-Trial Practice: Avoiding Common Mistakes in the Weeks Before Trial."